Omni HC Sereis



INDOOR:1.9, 2.6,2.97

OUTDOOR:2.6, 2.97, 3.91

Our Products

At LIGHTIN LED, we offer the best products for video-led displays , and we are the most

reliable and highest-quality LED display available on the market.

Plana CV Sereis

Pixel Pitch(mm):1.25, 1.53, 1.86, 2.0

Plana HD Sereis

Pixel Pitch(mm):0.9, 1.25, 1.56,  1.87

Omni FC Sereis

Pixel Pitch(mm):1.95,  2.97,  3.91, 4.81

Omni HC Sereis

Pixel Pitch(mm):2.6, 2.97, 3.91, 4.81

Fixo ES Sereis

Pixel Pitch(mm):6.67, 8, 10

Fixo CT Sereis

Pixel Pitch(mm):2.5, 3, 4,  5, 6

Valla PM Sereis

Pixel Pitch(mm):8 , 10

Claro NX Sereis

Pixel Pitch(mm):3.91, 7.81


Shenzhen-based Company

LIGHTIN is a company headquartered in SHENZHEN. It has the most complete LED display industry chain in the world, which guarantees the fastest delivery time and the most cost-effective product packages and configurations. This allows us to guarantee our work and to support and serve our customers more effectively.

Creative Guiding

LIGHTIN is committed to creating customized solutions that meet your needs. Regardless of the size of the project, we work hand in hand to guide you to the solution that creates the most value for your clients. You don’t just buy an LED display, because a product can only make a client happy when it becomes part of the right solution.


We design and manufacture high quality large screens, providing products and services for almost any application requiring LED video displays. lightin has delivered LED solutions around the world, and we draw on these experiences in working with you to ensure that your digital display solution is a perfect match for your project.

Support and Service

We offer industry-leading warranty programs, support and service. Not only do we employ expert technicians to advise and assist you with the installation of your new LED display, helping to alleviate the need for multiple suppliers, but we also maintain parts availability for all existing products and a 5 year supply for expired products.

Our Solutions

Commercial LED Display

Commercial Display

LIGHTIN’s indoor commercial LED displays has a full model line-up, retail LED display solutions will revolutionize the way you conduct retail business, such as malls, flagship stores, chain stores and automotive 4S stores


Rental & Staging

From trade shows, concerts, theaters to live events, LIGHTIN’s rental line features a lightweight, corner-protected, high-contrast design that perfectly balances outstanding performance with a return on your investment.



Outdoor LED consists of diverse models available for outdoor applications such as stadiums and public displays, LIGHTIN offers best-in-class outdoor advertising display solutions that convey your message further.

Conference P1.25 LED display


Dedicated to creating an efficient, convenient, comfortable and intelligent meeting experience. Bringing fine detail to the screen, a new level of immersion awaits you in infinite blacks and true colors.

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