How to arrange and use LED display in hotel wedding?

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How to arrange and use LED display in hotel wedding?

1. We have to figure out what is the hotel wedding LED display decoration and use method.

1.1 The main role of the wedding LED display is to hold a wedding ceremony.

It can present the wedding scene or the couple shooting wedding MV video effect, and people generally choose to use and arrange inside the hotel mostly. In most wedding occasions, the LED display is placed in the center of the stage, both sides are placed on the spray-painted board, because the spray-painted board can be put on anyone’s photo, but also can choose to carry the curtain, to make the projection effect. Let the video played on the LED screen to show the shape of the inward, but also allows the lights to change constantly and so on. In addition, the stage can be placed on some floral arrangements to decorate the stage, such arrangements will give a dream beautiful, modern feeling.

1.2 Wedding LED display installation method

Some hotel LED screen is relatively cheap, mostly using fixed bracket type installed on the wall, the defect is limited debugging time.If the screen is set on the wall, the scene will not be gorgeous. Some hotels use LIGHTIN’s LED full color rental display, the price is relatively high, but the picture quality is great! Leasing LED screen can be combined with the actual site size arrangement to make a beautiful scene decoration. In the premise of ensuring the build time, debugging is also more adequate.

2. The hotel wedding LED display is not the bigger the better.

Choose LED screen should not care about the size, but more important to focus on the picture ratio. The general market mainstream screen ratio is 4:3 and 16:9. In general, TV stations are more likely to choose the ratio of 4:3, while 16:9 is usually the common ratio of HD and computer displays. Take the mainstream P3 screen for example, if the ratio is set to 16:9, the area is 20 square, then the screen size is 6m * 3.5m.

3. Which position to put the hotel wedding LED display

Generally two ways to put: the middle or left and right. If the LED wedding display is placed in the middle, the audience’s line of sight mostly stays on the screen. Favorable to create the atmosphere, of course, the disadvantage is that the backlight is very strong, more demanding for photography and lighting. Of course, if the wedding scene has more requirements, or mainly for live broadcast, it will be more appropriate to put on both sides.

4. How to realize the function of live broadcast at the wedding site?

If you want to realize the LED display and the camera connected to the live broadcast, or to achieve the signal switching between the desktop / laptop and the camera, you need to use the video processor.

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