How to do the fire prevention of LED display

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With the popularity of LED display in indoor and outdoor display places, more and more fires induced by LED display quality problems and design defects, bring great danger to the safety of personnel, customers and the economy. With the frequency of accidents, people began to conduct a more in-depth analysis: in practical application, how to do the fire prevention of LED display?

The reason for the fire occurs in the LED display. There are LED display fire hazards, mainly due to several major raw materials still exist, some shorties.

 1. Wires.

In most display applications, the larger the display per unit area, the more power it consumes, and the higher the requirements for the cable’s power-on stability. In order to ensure safety and stability, it is necessary to use cables that meet the requirements of national standards.

 2. Power Supply.

UL-listed power supplies are also the best choice when choosing a similar product with an effective conversion rate that ensures safe and stable power loads, and works even when the external ambient temperature is hot.

 3. Protective materials.

General aluminum composite panel of outdoor display products exposed to high temperature, rain, hot and cold impact, will rapidly aging, in the more humid climatic season time period, resulting in rain dew easily seep into the screen body internal lead to a fire caused by electronic components short circuit.In the display external protective structure of the material, the high level of fire protection of the display products on the market are mostly using fireproof aluminum composite panel, which has excellent fire resistance, also extremely strong fire retardant.


4. the plastic suite.

Plastic kits are the material primarily used in the chassis of the unit’s module mask. The main raw material used is PC fiberglass material with flame retardant function, which not only has flame retardant function, but also can not be deformed and will not become brittle and crack under high and low temperature and in long term use. At the same time, combined with the use of good sealing glue, can effectively block the external environment of the rain into the interior which caused a short-circuit fire.

In addition to the internal raw materials will affect the fireproof effect, heat dissipation and other external design will also have an impact. LED outdoor display working in high temperature, the electricity consumption is a big test, if it is a large area of the display, it increases the difficulty of heat dissipation. In the past, outdoor screens were used with fans and other devices to assist in cooling, which later evolved to installing air conditioning facilities inside to assist in cooling. In addition, we also can’t ignore the late maintenance engineering may cause fire factors. In short, the LED display fire problem needs to be careful everywhere.

How to do fireproof work for LED display

The quality of the display fire prevention technology is mainly related to the display fireproof raw materials and cabinet process. Fireproof raw materials mainly include 4 aspects of the internal use of the display wire, power supply, external protective structure fireproof materials and plastic package.


1.In most display applications, the larger the unit area of the display, the greater the electricity consumption, and the higher the requirements for the cable’s power-on stability. In a wide range of wire products, the safety and stability of the wire is guaranteed by using wire that meets the requirements of the national standard.

There are 3 requirements:

(a) The core is the conductive carrier of the copper wire.

(b) Core cross-sectional tolerance within the standard range.

(c) the insulation and flame retardancy of the rubber covering the wire core meets the standard.

General copper-clad aluminum wire cores, the core cross-sectional area is smaller and the insulating rubber grade is insufficient. The cores that meet the above 3 points are more stable and less prone to short circuit.

2.UL-listed power supplies are also the best choice when choosing a comparable product with an effective conversion rate that ensures safe and stable power loads, as well as the ability to operate even in hot external ambient temperatures.

3. In the field of display external protective structure materials, the high fire level display products on the market are mostly using fireproof aluminum composite panel,Its excellent fire resistance, anti-firing and flame retardant is also excellent, the core material oxygen aging performance is also very good, melting point temperature is 135 ° C, decomposition temperature is ≥ 300 ° C, environmental friendly, low smoke, halogen-free, in line with SGS, flame retardant B-S1, d0, t0, reference standards UL94, GB / 8624-2006.

4. There is another important part of the display fireproofing raw material, that is, the plastic kit. The plastic kit is mainly used as the material for the chassis of the unit module mask, which is a flame-retardant PC + fiberglass material. It not only has flame retardant function, but also can be used in high and low temperatures for a long time without deformation and brittle cracking, and at the same time, combined with the use of a good sealing glue, it can effectively block the external environment of the rain water penetration into the interior which can cause a short-circuit fire.

In the case of LED lamp and other core raw materials without a breakthrough, the brightness cannot be increased by increasing the current. Besides the internal raw materials will affect the fireproof effect, the external configuration and design is also very important to the fireproof effect. But the external configuration is mainly related to the fireproof problem in the heat dissipation, in order to coordinate with the work of the display, should also be configured with exhaust fan and air conditioning on the internal cooling of the screen. LIGHTIN suggests every 8-10 square assembly of 1P air conditioning to ensure that the temperature in the screen to maintain a normal temperature, because insufficient air conditioning or exhaust fan configuration will cause uneven heat dissipation processing, easily lead to internal safety hazards caused by temperature rise. At the same time, when many LED manufacturers do protection level test on the cabinet, they simply simulate the external environment spray waterproof test, the durability and strength of waterproof effect is yet to be verified, thus causing water seepage in the display products after some time, which is easy to have a fire on the outdoor display or an important reason of short life. In response to the thunderstorm weather, a lightning arrester for the screen device is also a necessary tool to avoid the strong lightning strike and burn the internal devices of the screen, which can direct conduct lightning into the ground without affecting the screen.

Correct installation

Since the LED electronic display belongs to electronic products, part of its main material also belongs to the combustible material. We have to start from the fundamentals of “prevention before fire”, regarding with flammable devices, such as power supply, wire, IC, connecting devices, etc., we should use high quality, in order to reduce the failure rate, and control the LED display fire probability.From the technical aspect, during the installation process of the LED display, it must be installed by professional personnel, guidance, inspection, which can prevent the unexpected. Clear the flammable and combustible materials around the LED display, to prevent the surrounding fire hazards lead to LED display fire. From the aspect of after-sales maintenance, it must be regularly tested and inspected by professional personnel on LED display.


Making certification of LED display fireproof

Enter the U.S. market needs to meet the UL48 wire and cable safety regulations and ETL certification; In the United Kingdom needs to pass the BS safety certification; In Japan needs to meet the PSE mandatory safety certification; Hongkong Buildings Department has also long been aware of this international problem, made relevant provisions for outdoor media buildings (mainly LED display products), where the LED display project is installed in Hongkong smoothly should pass the British test center BS476-7 building materials fire test.

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