These LED display lights shine with supreme clarity in 4K HD. The ultra-thin, lightweight cabinet is designed for indoor use, and the modular connections are easy to coordinate with seamless splicing.

form plate

                               Low refresh rate            High refresh rate

No flickering or ghosted graphics

High refresh rate of 3840Hz per second

The same series of 1.25mm, 1.53mm,

1.667mm, 1.86mm, P2mm are available.

Supreme clarity in 4K HD

4K Resolution

3000:1 Contrast

16:9 Golden Ratio

                                            Regular                     HD

Full-screen seamless splicing

The gap of the cabinet can be finely adjusted

7 angles available

±15°, ±10°, ±5°, 0°

Selected brand LEDs

Choose Nationstar / Kinglight / Knlight LEDs

To ensure more stable performance

Longer life, high sustained brightness, high contrast ratio

Low power consumption design

Stable operation 24 hours × 365 days

Perfect match for HD applications

Suitable for monitoring center

Digital exhibition hall

Conference room

Experimental teaching and other places

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