How should I choose the model of LED display and which one has great effect?

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How should I choose the model of LED display and which one has sharp effect?

How much does it cost to make a LED display? Many customers buy LED display for the first time, for LED screen is not very well understood, only want to buy the highest definition. But in the world of LED display, there is no highest definition, only more HD. LED display clarity is based on the use of the environment, screen size, viewing distance to determine.

Display clarity is relative, for example, indoor P2.5 clearer than P3, P3 clearer than P4.


So to complete a LED display project, which model we pick will be cost-effective anyway?


How to choose the right LED display model:

Many customers who buy LED displays do not have a clear concept of which LED display to choose. We should choose the right cost-effective LED products according to their own project needs.

In here, we will analyze in detail for customers how to buy LED display.

1, the first thing should be clear is the use of occasions. Indoor or outdoor display. Indoor LED screen is not waterproof, outdoor large screen is waterproof.

2, we should be clear about how big a display, that is, what is the length and height of the display.

3, Measure the viewing distance. That is, how many meters is the nearest and farthest pedestrian distance from the display.

With the above three data, we can probably know what kind of LED display meet our project requirements.


For example, if you want to do a LED full-color display in the back wall of the banquet hall, you need to measure the distance from the display installation position to the first row of viewers.


How to choose the LED display model?

Due to the comprehensive advantages of full-color LED display such as low consumption, energy saving, high brightness, high cost-effectiveness and excellent display effect, the demand for full-color LED display in various large outdoor media, advertising, stadiums, public transportation, concerts and other fields has been growing continuously. The selection of the model should take into account various factors, such as the use of the screen, display ratio, playback content requirements, viewing distance, cost budget, etc.


  1. In the full-color LED display, P is the spacing of any two pixels. For example: P4 is 4mm, P10 is 10mm, point spacing is different, resolution clarity is also different. The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution and clarity, so the smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the price.


  1. The pixel density per square meter varies depending on the pixel pitch; P3 has 111,111 pixels per square meter; P4 has 62,500 pixels per square meter, P5 has 40,000 pixels per square meter, P6 has 27,777 pixels per square meter, P8 has 15,625 pixels per square meter, etc.


  1. Different pixel pitch, different distance for viewing. For example, P3 is 3 meters away, the viewing effect will be better, P4 is suitable for 4 meters away, and so on, P10 is suitable for 10 meters away; if the screen area is too small, to achieve a better display effect, we need to choose a higher density of LED display models.


Which model of LED display has the clearest display effect

Not the more dense points of the display is necessarily the best cost-effectiveness. You can consider the project according to the size of the area, viewing distance requirements, our professional sales will give you suitable advice on the actual situation for your choice of indoor and outdoor LED display.


Here are a few examples of indoor LED display models:

P0.8, P0.9, P1.0, P1.25, P1.33, P1.5, P1.53, P1.667, P1.875, P1.9 are indoor small pitch LED display models. They are often used in government, organizations and institutions indoor (such as video conference, monitoring center, command center, studio, etc.) places, the requirements for close viewing are very high, these models of high pixel, cost is relatively high.

P2, P2.5, P3, belong to indoor HD LED display models. They are commonly used in conference rooms, lecture halls, exhibition halls, projections, corridors and aisles. Suitable for 3 meters viewing distance away, suitable for more than 4 square meters area, display effect is better.

P4, P5 commonly used in hotel banquet halls, hotel stage background LED screen, can be used as a temporary stage construction, performance activities with LED stage screen. In order to carry, transport, can be freely assembled and disassembled, these models are made into individual cabinets, which can be put together in any size according to the site environment. Generally there are iron cabinets, aluminum cabinets, while also supporting the flight case packaging transport.


Warm tips on the purchase of LED display:

Quality and price is always the topic of inseparable products, many customers are very sensitive to price at the beginning of the purchase, always like to take the lowest price in the market to compare, in fact, this is meaningless.

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