CVSeries Indoor Fixed LED Display

  • Direct mount for quick installation
  • Fully front serviceable via magnetic modules
  • Optional 45° beveled edge for corner Integrations

CVSeries Indoor Fixed LED Display


Indoor advertising LED display panel size is 1000x250mm, its weight is only 6.5kg/pc, thickness is 59 mm. It can fast cool, no need for fans.



CVSeries Indoor Fixed LED Display


Front Access

Indoor LED screen is totally front access. LED modules, controller card and power supplies are all maintained from front side, it is very convenient by using a vacuum tool.


Bevel Design

 Right angle design can make indoor LED screen corner gap become very small, it is an extra product for cube pillar.




Flexibly Splicing with Various Cabinet Sizes

 Indoor LED display panel has various size, 500x250mm, 750x250mm, 1000x250mm 500x500mm. 750x500mm and 1000x500mm. All of them can be spliced together to a seamless LED video wall.



Different Installation Way

Indoor LED display can be fixed on wall by screws directly, no need of steel structure. It save much space and cost, very suitable for church, meeting room and retail store. Besides, it also can be hanged on truss and fixed by bracket.



CVSeries Indoor Fixed LED Display


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