Custom LED Displays

LIGHTIN offers the widest variety of professional high brightness display solutions.

Rental LED Display

Illuminate your events with unmatched clarity and vibrancy using our rental LED display screens. Designed for versatility, our screens are perfect for a wide range of applications, from grand outdoor concerts to intimate indoor gatherings. With easy setup, high-resolution visuals, and robust durability, our rental displays ensure your content shines brilliantly, captivating your audience every time. Whether you’re hosting a corporate event, festival, or trade show, trust in our LED screens to deliver a seamless viewing experience. Discover the power of dynamic visuals with our top-tier rental solutions.

Outdoor LED Display

Elevate the outdoor ambiance with our robust and luminous Outdoor Fixed LED Display Screens. Engineered to withstand the elements, these screens promise unparalleled clarity and brightness, rain or shine. Their durable construction ensures longevity, while the advanced technology behind each pixel guarantees vibrant visuals, making your content stand out in broad daylight or during nighttime. Ideal for advertising, public announcements, or simply creating a digital landmark, our Outdoor Fixed LED Display Screens are a testament to cutting-edge display solutions that thrive in the great outdoors. Transform any exterior space into a digital canvas with our state-of-the-art displays.high-distance viewing.

Narrow Pitch LED Display

A Narrow pitch LED display, also known as a fine pitch or small pixel pitch LED display, is a cutting-edge screen technology that features closely packed LED pixels. This closeness results in higher resolution images and clearer visuals, especially when viewed from shorter distances. These displays are ideal for situations where detailed image quality is crucial and where viewers are relatively close to the screen, such as in boardrooms, control rooms, and upscale retail environments. The primary advantage of narrow pitch LED displays is their ability to provide seamless, high-definition visuals in smaller screen sizes compared to traditional LED panels.

Stadium LED Display

A stadium LED display is a large, high-resolution screen specifically designed for outdoor environments, primarily used in sports arenas and large event venues. These displays are engineered to provide clear and bright visuals, ensuring that spectators, even those seated far from the screen, can easily view match statistics, replays, advertisements, and other dynamic content. Built to withstand various weather conditions, stadium LED displays are typically weatherproof and come with adaptive brightness settings for both daytime and nighttime use. Their primary purpose is to enhance the live viewing experience, offer real-time game insights, and present lucrative advertising opportunities.

Poster LED Display

A Poster LED Display Screen is a versatile and portable digital signage solution designed to capture attention in a variety of settings. Characterized by its sleek design and vibrant display capabilities, it offers businesses a dynamic way to showcase advertisements, promotional content, or informational messages. These screens are typically freestanding, making them easy to place in strategic locations, whether indoors or outdoors. Equipped with high-resolution LED panels, they ensure clear and bright visuals, allowing for effective communication even in well-lit environments. Many of these displays come with user-friendly content management systems, enabling easy updates and customization. Ideal for retail spaces, events, airports, and other high-traffic areas, the Poster LED Display Screen provides a modern and efficient way to engage audiences and convey information.

LED video walls

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