How to play with outdoor media LED display?

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How to play with outdoor media LED display?

The deepening of the involvement of the Internet in the whole society has had a profound impact on the outdoor advertising industry. As the dominant outdoor advertising media LED screen, its outdoor media business opportunities are highlighted in the Internet + era, so how to play the LED screen?

Facing the current Internet+ era, the development trend of the integration of traditional media and new media has attracted the attention of many outdoor advertising companies, and they have actively joined hands with new media. “Big Screen Network” has opened up a development path integrated with the Internet for the outdoor advertising industry. Outdoor billboards and single-post advertisements still play a special role in outdoor advertising classification, but outdoor advertising screens have become mainstream.

Big Screen Network” is to integrate outdoor LED big screens, provide online sales platform and unified operation cloud system, and integrate outdoor advertising media with the Internet. The independent big data DSP platform realizes cross-screen advertising and helps advertisers to promote the brand to large screen (outdoor LED screen) + small screen (computer screen and mobile phone screen) three-dimensional and precise enveloping marketing.

Multi-screen interaction integrates PCs, mobile phones and large LED screens, and uses mainstream microblog platforms to combine the core high-quality screen resources of the media’s business districts to release in real time, realizing the three-network joint interaction of mobile terminals, network terminal users and outdoor large-screen audiences. Provide advertisers with a full range of visualization services through multiple platforms.

For example, Rejoice set up a special event website in the “Valentine’s Day” advertisement, solicited “confession of love”, and encouraged netizens to actively vote online. The “confession of love” with a high number of votes will have the opportunity to have a large outdoor LED screen in large and medium cities across the country. Announced on the Internet, opening up the three-network joint interaction of offline activities, the Internet platform and the outdoor large-screen LED platform, which produced a very good interactive effect.

At the beginning of 2014, the new interactive product “PMAI” launched by Champs Elys Media, perfectly connected consumer mobile terminals with the WiFi network issued by the outdoor LED large screen, and carried out the multi-dimensional dissemination of brand information, forming a network covering 30 provinces, 89 Outdoor LED large-screen media network in two cities. Nowadays, “mobile, interconnected, and interactive” will be the development trend of large LED screens, which will be combined with popular WiFi networks, WeChat QR codes, mobile apps, etc., to create a new media form of “Internet screen interaction”.

Consumers only need to take out their mobile phones, log in to the WiFi network sent by the outdoor LED large screen, and scan the large screen to get new product styles, prices, sizes, and even promotional information. The outdoor large LED screen can also meet multiple functions of QR code, interaction, games and APP download. As a result, the seamless communication between the brand and the outdoor audience is brought closer, and the distance-free advantage of the multi-screen era is fully demonstrated.

The entrance of “WeChat Connect WiFi” is officially open to the public. After merchants connect to WeChat Connect WiFi, users can quickly surf the Internet through WeChat scan codes without having to enter tedious account numbers and passwords. Based on this, LED displays will become another The physical store in form, combined with the mobile Internet, will become the entrance of O2O offline to online.

Outdoor LED is a high-definition smart advertising machine with outdoor monitoring function, intelligent identification function and wireless WIFI function. It can be as fast as 4G mobile phone signals, and there is no limit on the number of terminals, so that advertisements can cover all display screens instantly; it can automatically switch advertisements according to the characteristics of the gender and age of the surrounding people.

By carrying mobile Internet +, combined with touch, virtual and enhanced display technologies, the outdoor LED display is not only an advertising medium, but also an intelligent interactive terminal, bringing a new business model to outdoor advertising.

Outdoor LED large-screen media adopts the latest technology and the combination with the latest technology to establish contact with consumers. High-tech technology can not only quickly enhance the novelty and expressiveness of outdoor advertising, but also create a variety of interactive methods to attract the attention and participation of the audience.

AR augmented reality technology has been applied to the development of large LED screens, combining digital information with real-life scenes, and emphasizing the “combination of virtual and real” human-computer interaction technology to achieve human-screen interaction. For example, Phoenix City Media used AR augmented reality technology to carry out a unique “ice bucket challenge”. Participants can feel the ice without getting wet, realizing digital interactive experience for outdoor customers and enabling them to obtain product information in entertainment. , To enhance the audience’s advertising impression.

On the large LED screen that displays product information, users can use gestures and infrared to achieve remote screen control, browse the products in the large screen, and directly grab items in the sky, and then use their smartphones to make purchases. This technology allows users to reach a unique consensus with the brand through the form of physical interaction, forming a new business model of interactive experience and feeling.

In the future, how to realize the integration of LED display with the Internet, mobile Internet, and big data is still worthy of in-depth exploration by LED display companies and outdoor media. With linkage and human screen interaction, there are unlimited business opportunities for outdoor LED screen media.


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