What is the relationship between LED display resolution and model?

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What is LED display resolution?

LED display resolution = number of horizontal pixel dots × number of vertical pixel dots. In fact, you can interpret it as the precision of the screen image, that is, the number of pixel dots the display has.

As the screen points, lines and surfaces are composed of pixels, the more pixels the display can show, the finer the picture, the same screen area can show more information, so the resolution is a very important performance indicators.

If you imagine the whole image as a large chessboard, and the resolution is represented by the number of crossings of all warp and knot lines. In a nutshell, the resolution is equal to the number of LED display lamps. The higher the resolution of the screen, the more content can be displayed, the more detailed the picture. However, the higher the resolution, the more expensive the cost. It is also worth noting that for full-color LED display pixels, LED indoor screen has more pixels than the outdoor screen, so the resolution is higher.

What is the connection between the resolution and model of LED display?

Here to explain with indoor LED display:

Common models are P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, P8, P10, where the number behind the P is to indicate the point spacing, the unit is mm.The smaller the dot pitch, the higher the number of pixels per unit area, the higher the number of LEDs, the higher the resolution, the clearer the display effect.

So the resolution per unit area: P2>P2.5>P3>P4>P5>P6>P7.62>P8>P10.

Factors determining the clarity of the full-color LED display:

1, pixel point: point spacing is the basis for LED display model differentiation, but also determines the final display effect of the LED display. p5 model point spacing technology years ago can be described as the leading high-definition display field, a single square 40,000 pixel resolution.

2, screen brightness: indoor surface mount technology are constant motion scanning, brightness requirements are generally 600CD / m or more, in the semi-outdoor or indoor window location, we must choose brightness greater than 3000CD / m, or even higher brightness models.

3, viewing distance and effect: the previous stage, venue and all kinds of activities used in the background of the big screen is mostly used P5 or more coarse display models. The general viewer is located around 10M can clearly see the screen, just two steps closer will appear full of particles, a little embarrassing. Nowadays, all kinds of performing arts business is developing rapidly, indoor LED display generally choose P2.5 and P3 models, high-definition requirements will choose P2.

Warm tip: When selecting the display, must take into account the size, use demand, installation and viewing environment, budget. If the viewing distance is not demanding, in fact, it is difficult to distinguish the effect of indoor full-color LED display, such as the above-mentioned P2 and P2.5, but the finer the model, the more expensive the price.


How to install the full-color LED display after purchase?

Display project installation is divided into two cases:

  1. Display steel structure and manual installation will be completed by the manufacturer.

That is, the steel structure materials and labor installation costs used in the installation of the display project are contracted by the manufacturer. Outdoor screen steel structure materials are mainly channel steel, I-beam, angle steel, square pass, aluminum plate and other national standard materials, while indoor screen on the amount of steel is relatively less. After the contract between the buyer and the seller, the buyer and the manufacturer negotiate the installation time of the display, and so on the manufacturer to do the display screen body, the goods sent logistics to the buyer’s designated location. While the goods have not arrived, manufacturers should first arrange for technical personnel to go to the buyer’s display installation site to start construction, in advance make steel frame structure according to the design requirements, wait for the display arrived at the local logistics network, technical personnel together with the customer to pick up the goods, the installation will begin. First installed on the screen body, and then do the edge decoration,. During the installation of the manufacturer’s construction personnel, the buyer may go to the site for supervision and inspection. Until the installation of the display is complete, the technical staff will be powered to debug the display, the display lights up intact that is completed acceptance.


  1. Display steel structure and manual installation will be completed by the buyer.

That is, the display project installation used to steel structure materials and labor installation costs are completed by the buyer. This is the most common way of cooperation between us and customers in the case of import and export LED display. After the customer pays the deposit, the manufacturer provides free CAD drawings of the display steel frame structure to the buyer, the buyer takes the drawings, contacts the steel structure manufacturer locally, and makes the steel structure according to the steel structure CAD drawings. When the manufacturer’s display arrives at the installation site, installation begins. If there are technical problems in the installation process, the manufacturer can send technical personnel to assist in guiding the installation, no installation costs, the buyer is only responsible for the manufacturer’s technical personnel round-trip travel costs and accommodation costs, paid on a reimbursement basis. Other normal installation process as above.

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